DC-DC Boost Converters

DC-DC Boost Converters

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DC-DC Boost Converters – High efficiency  voltage converter to boost a single input voltage to a higher output voltage – the unit can power eg. cameras , Wi-Fi radios , switches and routers from a lower input voltage , all our DC-DC Boost converters have user adjustable voltage output range.

Standard Boost Models available:

12V Input models:                                                         

12Vdc to 24Vdc (150W) /adjustable  to 30Vdc

12Vdc to 24Vdc(250W)/ adjustable to 30Vdc

12Vdc to 48Vdc (80W)  /adjustable to 56Vdc

12Vdc to 48Vdc (180W)  /adjustable to 56Vdc

24V Input Models:

24Vdc to 48Vdc (250W) / adjustable to 56Vdc

24Vdc to 48Vdc (320W) / adjustable to 56Vdc

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We have a couple of 24V operated solar sites that use Ubiquiti 11GHz equipment, which operates on 54VDC.
We use Micro Instruments’ 24V-48V step-up converters to power our 11GHz equipment as we can adjust the output voltage to 54VDC required by Ubiquiti.
Excellent products to use on solar sites!

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