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GSM-SMS module for remote communication sites, home or office

Auto 12/24 Vdc sensing with user configurable battery low voltage SMS

One isolated on board Relay can toggle to reset devices or switch on/off

Input 1 for Optional 220Vac relay interface module to send AC power status SMS

Input 2 for optional 12Vdc relay interface module to send Alarm SMS from 12V siren/ or normal potential free contact

Optional GSM 5 way relay expansion board to control more devices

Supports up to 5 cell numbers

Airtime balance enquiry and signal strenght test

Auto self test sms every 2 weeks to stop pre-paid cards from expiring

Download user manual: (old Rev C -open pcb unit)   

Download user manual(new enclosed Rev D units from November 2019)

1 review for GSM RELAY REV D

We have used a few different type of GSM Relay Controllers on our Highsites, all of them instable. When we want to use them to powercycle equipment, we would just get a message saying “The number you have dialed is not available at present…” and we have to travel to the site and manually powercycle the equipment.

Since changing over to Micro Instruments’ GSM Relay Controller we have not once had any problems with powercycling our equipment. We have converted all our sites to using Micro Instruments GSM Relay Controllers as they are by far, the most stable products on the market today!!

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