The (NPMPW) (Pre-wired) 19″ rack mount unit assist Network specialists with Power related information via Ethernet and SNMP with optional GSM and Bluetooth module.

The optional GSM module and Bluetooth module links with a standard serial DB9 male to male cable to the system(supplied with GSM and Bluetooth module).

Internal 5 Way Relay board can be controlled from web pages or via SNMP SET commands

The NPM-PW measures 12V Batteries and individual battery voltages and the total voltage for 24V systems , Charge Current to Batteries ,Load current to equipment, Mains 220Vac Status, 1x External dc input voltage 0-100Vdc, Tamper Alarm input and temperature information is available via Web pages , SNMP ,GSM and Bluetooth

Pre-wired Internal isolated current sensors with quick connect terminals on the back easy on site installations 

Embedded Web pages for monitoring and configuration of the system.

The unit supports the SNMP V1 and SNMP V2C communication protocol to be compatible with the free Mi_SNMP-Monitor or any other SNMP monitoring software.

Download user manual

Our Site Monitoring products permit the monitoring and control of equipment at remote sites with IP connectivity in the comfort of your office.The NPM-R10-RM is the perfect addition to any remote site to monitor equipment via Ethernet + SNMP.
The NPM-R10-RM assist Network specialists with power related information via Ethernet + SNMP Communication.


We offer a absolute free of charge SNMP "plug and play"  windows software package to our customers that is free to download , software package is easy to setup and install even with no SNMP knowledge, Monitors all Micro Instruments remote network power monitors as well as a ping function for other related network equipment.


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