POE 4+4GM 12V -28VDC

POE 4+4GM 12V -28VDC

The POE-4+4 GM is an 8 Channel Gigabit passive power over Ethernet injector unit with a 10Mbs management Ethernet interface to allow the user to cycle the power output to each one of the 8 ports POE power output via a web-browser interface.

The unit is divided into two groups  POE A (ch1-4) and POE B(ch1-4) – each group of 4 POE outputs can be supplied with a different operating voltage and Mode(mode B or Phantom)

Supply voltage of  12Vdc to 28Vdc.

The unit have 8 LAN input Ports and 8 LAN + POE output ports via 70W POE+ Gigabit Ethernet transformers.

All Power output Ports on the device is protected via 1 Amp PTC thermal self recoverable fuses against short circuits and faulty equipment that might be connected to the port.

The unit controls power to each POE output port via mechanical relays for robustness on the power line.

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