DC Systems


24V 19" Rack mount DC UPS system

| 2 Chargers (12V@10A) to eliminate voltage difference (extends battery life)
| 27V@13A load power supply
| Batteries charged in isolation from the load output
| 2 Relay outputs for resetting equipment

| 2 Battery voltages (24V)
| 2 Charge currents
| Load current
| Mains status
| Mains voltage
| Output voltage
| Intrusion alarm

Optional extras:
| GSM module

Monitoring protocol:
| SNMP V1, V2

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DC UPS mini 24V

24V DC UPS system

| 220V AC input
| PSU 1 powers load (24V@6A)
| PSU 2 charges batteries (24V@6A)
| Auto switch over to batteries when mains is off
| Battery low shutdown

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DC UPS mini 12V

12V DC UPS system

| 220V AC input
| PSU 1 powers load (12V@6A)
| PSU 2 charges battery (12V@6A)
| Auto switch over to battery when mains is off
| Battery low shutdown

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DC-DC Boost Converters

24V output is adjustable to 30V and 48V output is adjustable to 56V

| 12V to 24V (200W)
| 12V to 48V (160W)
| 24V to 48V (250W)
| 24V to 56V (220W)

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Battery Balancer 24V

Battery voltage balancer for 24V battery banks

| Balance individual battery voltages with in 0.2V accuracy to extend battery life

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Battery Low Protector

| Programmable disconnect and reconnect voltage levels
| Auto sense between 12V and 24V battery banks 

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DC Fuse Panel RM

19" Rack mount DC fuse panel

Helps to protects DC voltage rails against short circuits or faulty equipment that might cause fire

| 4 separate DC fused channels
| input and output LED indication per channel
| 60V DC overvoltage protection on each channel
| 4 standard automotive type blade fuses

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DC Smart 24V

19" Rack mount DC-DC converter

| 24V DC battery input
| Output 1: 22V@100W
| Output 2: 48V@250W
| Panel mount automotive type blade fuse protection

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DC Smart RM

19" Rack mount dual DC-DC converter

| Available in 12V and 24V input voltages

| Dual DC-DC boost converters
| Panel mount automotive blade fuse protection

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DC Day Night Switch

DC powered day night switch

10V - 30V DC supply voltage

| Electronic output switch
| 1A self resettable fuse protection on output

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