Mi SNMP Monitor V1.0.8.0

Monitor all our SNMP enabled products and get notified via email when an alert is triggered or resolved.

Supported OS:
- Windows 7
- Windows 8
- Windows 10

- .NET Framework 4.7.2 (Installer will prompt to download if not installed)

Download Mi SNMP Monitor V1.0.8.1.msi

# V1.0.8.0
|Added new device (NPM-X)

# V1.0.7.0
|Added new device (Single Phase AC Monitor)

# V1.0.6.0
|Added compensation for packet loss when polling devices SNMP data
|Added new device (DC Energy Monitor)

# V1.0.5.0
| No longer in BETA
| Added new device (AC Energy Monitor)

# V1.0.4.0
| Updated alarms polling interval description in app settings
| SNMP devices no longer saves 0 (zero) for graph value if device is offline
| Added text to display graph average value
| Graph period changed from 7 days to 60 days
| Added change log in app

# V1.0.3.0
| Added 5 and 10 minutes polling interval
| Removed 4 and 5 minutes alarms polling interval
| New SNMP device added (3 Phase AC Monitor)

# V1.0.2.0
| Fixed system description error for some devices (TCPIP V/A Meter; Dual Battery Controller; Ethernet AC Monitor)

# V1.0.1.0
| Fixed an issue where overview dashboard alert gauge not updating correctly

TFTP file uploader

Use this tool to upload new firmware to our devices via a network connection.

Download tftp2.exe